Movies In Frames

The Fall, 2006 (dir. Tarsem Singh)

By Fuoritempo

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 2004 (dir. Alfonso Cuarón)


The World’s End, 2013 (dir. Edgar Wright)

By MonicaGellerB

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, 1988 (dir. Giuseppe Tornatore)

By SolidAir

Upstream Color, 2013 (dir. Shane Carruth)

By jojoware

Short Term 12, 2013 (dir. Destin Cretton)

By MonicaGellerB

La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty), 2013 (dir. Paolo Sorrentino)

By batchiara

Nikita, 1990 (dir. Luc Besson)

By foxbat

La migliore offerta (The Best Offer), 2013 (dir. Giuseppe Tornatore)

By SolidAir

La belle personne (The Beautiful Person), 2008 (dir. Christophe Honoré)

By quello-nello-specchio

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